Wall of Success

Welcome to the TissueTech Wall of Success Stories from the field. These video stories from your colleagues highlight their insights, success stories, and personal strategies used to make solid connections with customers, and ultimately, make sales. We hope you find these stories inspiring and helpful for your success.

Amniox Medical

Miguel Echenique

Amniox – Gulf Coast

Jack Mann

Amniox – West

Sarah Brooks

Amniox – West

Brian Morris

Amniox – West

Michael Craig

Amniox – South

Dieter Krause

Amniox – Jacobe Medical

Jack Mann

Amniox – West Region

Matt Donald

Amniox – West Region


Christopher Walker

Bio-Tissue – Midwest

Holly Horner

Bio-Tissue – South

Jim Krausen

Bio-Tissue – West

Mary Beth Mock

Bio-Tissue – South

Brad Fischer

Bio-Tissue – Northeast