Welcome to the TissueTech template download page! Here you can download templates and request assets from marketing. While we understand the change to more consistency and uniformity can be daunting, it is all an ongoing effort to stabilize and elevate our brand identity. Templates are very important for keeping the company image sophisticated and a good way to filter out insignificant information to maximize communication. For most templates there is a version for each company, TissueTech, Bio-Tissue, and Amniox. If you encounter any problems using these you can contact Marketing. Thank you for your cooperation!

There are three PowerPoint templates, one for each business unit. Occasionally for certain events like training or NSM we generate special templates. We would like to emphasize, please please minimize the amount of information you have on each slide, crowded slides are very difficult to follow. Images work great with presentations and we highly encourage the use of them. Lastly if you are unfamiliar with PowerPoint, do not hesitate to ask for assistance!

There are 3 templates total, one for each brand. The body is 11PT font, please do not change that and do not worry, 11PT type is very easy to read.

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