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March Sales Reports

6 Podcasts to Maintain Your Edge

After a long day or week of work, reading a book to stay on top of our game can feel dreadful. Fortunately, podcasts are a great way to learn and consume content while doing everyday tasks like driving, walking the dog, exercising, or cleaning. Here are six of the most influential podcasts for sales reps who want to keep their finger on the pulse.

Sales Gravy

Host: Jeb Blount, author of People Buy You
Length: 5-60 minutes
Listen on: iTunes | Spotify
Excited about the idea of podcasts, but not sure when you’d have the time to actually listen to them? Try the Sales Gravy podcast. Most of its episodes are around five minutes, so you can easily fit them into your schedule. Blount consistently shares practical and inspiring advice on everything from overcoming your fear of rejection to doubling your callback rate.

Sales Success Stories

Host: Scott Ingram, Account Director at Relationship One
Length: 45-120 minutes
Listen on: iTunesSpotify
This podcast features interviews with the top 1% of sales professionals. Scott uncovers everything about the best sales professionals, including their favorite sales books, habits, routines, and tips. Scott not only continues to produce a continuous stream of interviews with top performers but has also built the Sales Success Community to help listeners connect with like-minded sales achievers.

Make It Happen Mondays — B2B Sales with John Barrows

Host: John Barrows, founder of JBarrows Sales Training
Length: 30 minutes
Listen on: iTunes | Spotify
This sales podcast is recorded live on Facebook every Monday and covers everything in the sales cycle from calling to closing, along with career growth and success topics. Each episode features actionable takeaways and anecdotes from John’s career.

The Ziglar Show — Inspiring Your True Performance

Hosts: Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and Kevin Miller, CEO of Free Agent Academy
Length: 30-75 minutes
Listen on: iTunes | Spotify
This top-ranked business podcast is focused on self-improvement. Each week, Ziglar and Miller spend roughly 30 minutes to an hour exploring new ways to improve your career. Most of the episodes are inspired by Zig Ziglar’s philosophy; however, they’re not explicitly focused on sales topics. To give you an idea, past subjects have included positive peer pressure, meditation, and purposeful procrastination.

 Sell or Die

Host: Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Little Red Book of Sellingand Jennifer Gluckow, renowned LinkedIn and networking expert
Length: 5-60 minutes
Listen on: iTunes | Spotify
Together, Gitomer and Gluckow have created a podcast that centers around the art and science of selling.
They invite leaders in sales, marketing, and personal development to join the conversation on each episode leading to lively discussions on dealing with rejection, artificial intelligence in sales, and more.

The Sales Evangelist

Host: Sales coach and president at The Sales Evangelist LLC.Donald C. Kelly
Length: 9-36 minutes
Listen on: iTunes | Spotify
Enjoy tips and actionable wisdom from a B2B sales pro who knows how to hustle in this daily podcast. Sales trainer Donald Kelly interviews experts in sales, business, and marketing, so you can learn how to take your career up a notch.

Send us your favorite podcast to share with your colleagues by emailing Yesenia Hernandez.

Donate Life

TissueTech has become a Donate Life℠ partner and will be working with nationally recognized Donate Life America to raise public awareness about the importance of tissue donation to increase tissue donor registration. In honor of National Donate Life Month, TissueTech has kicked off its inaugural campaign reaching out to tissue recovery organizations and birth tissue groups to encourage tissue donor registration.

Being a Donate Life Partner represents an essential milestone for TissueTech as we build a comprehensive internal tissue acquisition program. Both organizations share a similar goal of supporting the nation’s transplantation community and those who ultimately provide tissue to help heal and save lives.

One TissueTech’s corporate values are to support those who are most in need. Being a Donate Life Partner will give us an additional opportunity to live our values. TissueTech is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks for processing and distribution to ensure the highest standards in tissue banking leadership, education, service, research, and integrity in the practice of tissue procurement, processing, and distribution. TissueTech will further its commitment to the Association later this year with additional accreditation as a recovery organization.

Local Speaker Program

We are very excited to announce that we can resume our in-person Local Speaker Programs in your territories across the country. This is an excellent opportunity for KOLs to introduce potential customers to our products.

Below you can find the process overview for requesting a program in your territory.


1. Identify a strategic opportunity in your territory where an in-person peer-to-peer education dinner program can be impactful

2. Discuss this proposed program concept with your Regional Sales Director

3. Complete the online request form below (must be submitted a minimum of 5 weeks before program target date):

  • Taking the time upfront to provide detailed information ensures the most efficient and effective programs possible.
  • Our 2021 KOL Speaker Lists are attached for both business units.

4. Approval from the Professional Education department

These programs are an investment by the company, and there is a limited budget, so it is critical that we are highly strategic and measured in our planning and execution of these programs.

Reach out to Tim Gilbert if you have any questions.

Critical Points:

To ensure all HCP compliance measures are met:

  • Reps are not allowed to commit KOLs/Speakers engagement opportunities.
  • All speaker communications must route through Tim Gilbert and the Pro Ed team
  • Proposed programs will not be scheduled and confirmed until approved by Compliance and Pro Ed
  • Restaurant venues are communicated with, contracted and paid by HQ to further ensure all quality and compliance controls are in place – including per person meal expense limits.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Roundtables and small groups tend to be the sweet spot for optimum program effectiveness.
  • Tim and Co. will discuss speaker options with you to ensure the appropriate speaker qualifications are utilized and match the program needs.


The Wound of the Month

We are excited to announce the launch of a new program, The Wound of the Month (WOTM). This initiative is part of our growing library of clinical evidence. The WOTM will provide you with current cases from leading physicians that highlight treatment protocols in various surgical and complex wound applications. In these cases, CLARIX or NEOX is used as an adjunct therapy. The WOTM can be leveraged as a surgeon education tool when targeting your Foot and Ankle and Chronic Wound opportunities, demonstrating the power of The Amniox Advantage.

This month we introduce Clinical Use Of NEOX® CORD 1K as an Adjunct Therapy in Promoting Healing of a Complex Wound Resulting From Necrotizing Fasciitis by Thomas Fusco, DPM, FACFAS. Click here to view the case study.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this content to help develop your sales language to communicate and educate your customers.

If you have a customer that would like to share a case study on the use of CLARIX or NEOX as an adjunct therapy for surgical or complex wounds, please reach out to Vicky or Jessica.

Digital Ads Driving Sales

Amniox has been running digital urology ads with BulletinHealthcare in the American Urological Association (AUA) Daily Scope newsletter, which turned into a sale. The digital urology ad for CLARIX CORD 1K was seen by Dr. Adam Childs, a urologist at Arkansas Urology, who then took our ad to his OR Director and asked them to get more information on our products.

Chad Federick, OR Director, contacted Amniox through our contact page to request more information. Customer service then passed along the doctor’s information to Callie Neel, an ISA and area sales representative with HeLa Medical LLC, who then reached out to Dr. Childs.

Dr. Childs was an Amniofix user who has now converted to Amniox after seeing our digital ad. Callie is thrilled to report that she is currently working her way into this practice of 20 urologists. Partnering with BulletinHealthcare is one of the many ways our digital marketing team is creating new avenues for our sales team to access customers previously unavailable to us with minimum effort and maximum ROI. The digital marketing team will continue to identify targeted opportunities that increase our reach, create brand awareness, and drive sales by finding innovative ways to promote Amniox.

Social Media Can Help a Friend

In February, Miguel Echenique, Regional Sales Director for the Gulf Coast Region, reconnected with a good friend he had not spoken to in over fifteen years. The two reacquainted because they shared a mutual friend who knew Miguel was working at Amniox- a company with groundbreaking technology in the wound space. Miguel’s friend had suffered a freak accident in Europe, which resulted in a chronic wound on the shin of his leg that had been infected and was not properly healing.

He had been dealing with this wound for over six months and had tried numerous different products. This wound was significantly affecting his quality of life and his family. They got to talking, and Miguel assured him that he was confident that NEOX could help. Two days later, he called Miguel from the office of Dr. Martin J. O’Malley, Orthopedic Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), in New York, who happens to be a pretty big deal. Miguel spoke to Dr. O’Malley briefly, and he agreed to try NEOX. What followed was a total team effort.

Miguel immediately contacted Jason Spore, Regional Sales Director for the Northeast Region, and together they initiated the process. They sent ID physician resources and materials, set up a call with Dr. Tseng, got products delivered on time, and quickly trained the staff virtually on NEOX. Four weeks after one application of NEOX CORD 1K accompanied by FLO, the wound has significantly has closed and no longer needs bandages. The patient and his family could not be happier with the outcome and are infinitely grateful to Miguel and Amniox.

Jason continues to build this relationship with Dr. O’Malley and the team at HSS, the nation’s top orthopedic hospital in the country. He has now reached additional physicians within this very prestigious account. Congrats to Miguel and Jason for joining forces to help a patient regain his quality of life. This is a wonderful reminder to continue to share our technology and your role within the company on your social media because you never know when you could be of help to someone in need.

Patient Portal Gains Traction

In late March, Amniox launched its online Patient Waiting Room. Patients can find information on our products, platform technology and even search for nearby doctors with our Find-A-Surgeon Directory on this page. Since our launch, we have had 211 organic visits with an average of two minutes on the site, and 15 physicians have already signed up to be included in the directory.

Please continue to promote the Patient Waiting Room to your customers as a resource for their patients and caregivers and remind them to sign up on the Find-A-Surgeon Directory as a way for patients to find them. You can find the Patient Waiting Room here.  You can invite your doctors to sign up for the Find-A-Surgeon Directory here.

TTAX03 Begins Phase 1 Study for Facet Joint OA

TissueTech has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to proceed with a Phase 1 Study using its Investigational New Drug (IND) TTAX03 to treat facet joint pain resulting from Osteoarthritis (OA).

OA is an inflammation-driven disease in which the cartilage inside the facet joint can break down and become inflamed, triggering pain signals in nearby nerve endings. TTAX03 is being investigated for its potential as a non-opioid intra-articular treatment for moderate to severe lower back pain resulting from facet joint osteoarthritis. This Phase 1 randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, dose-finding study will include a one-year follow-up to assess TTAX03’s long-term safety and potential lasting benefit.

TissueTech is currently the only human birth tissue manufacturer cleared by the FDA to proceed with an IND study to treat facet OA. FDA clearance of this IND application represents one of the first steps in commercializing TAX03-FJ as a biologic and reinforces our position as the pioneers in regenerative medicine.


Reaching Future Customers through Educational Institutions

Last month, Lisa Champlain, Account Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region, and Shauna Stacey, Manager of Field Education & Engagement, conducted a wet-lab for the residents at the University of North Carolina on the Bio-Tissue family of products.

The agenda covered the following topics: Regenerative Medicine in Ophthalmology, an overview of BioTissue as the regenerative leader in ophthalmology, our platform technology, why cryopreserved tissue is better than dehydrated, regeneration vs. wound coverage, indications, and considerations for cryopreserved as a tool in your toolbox.

Besides the lectures, students then had wet-lab demonstrations and practiced inserting PROKERA Slim and PROKERA Plus, hands-on suturing and gluing of AmnioGraft and AmnioGuard using pig eyes. This wet-lab was an excellent investment and resulted in a great ROI by winning commitment from UNC Hospital and Burn Center, including:

1. A new VA account for AmnioGraft made by VA head of Ophthalmology referred by UNC Ophthalmology Chief Resident,
2. A new OSO account at Carolina Eye Associates with purchase of 24 PROKERA Slim,
3. Three new Oculoplastic accounts: Drs. Rubinstein and Zaldivar of Luxe Oculoplastic, and Dr. Jason Liss, Professor and Chief of Oculoplastic at Duke University,
4. A physician letter of support to authorize AGD at Duke Health system,
5. A physician letter of support to authorize AGD at Novant Health System,
6. A new glaucoma account with Dr. Moya, Chief of Ophthalmology, Duke Eye Center Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Teaching institutions are an excellent way to reach future customers and win over doctors with influence in hospital settings and amongst their peers. Congratulations, Lisa and Shauna, for putting together this comprehensive agenda executed flawlessly!

Winning with AGD

Congratulations to the following game-changers who are making winning moves with AmnioGaurd (AGD).

  • Danielle Prendergast: She worked extensively with oculoplastic surgeons at the University of Michigan to create awareness of AGD, especially with Dr. Kahana, and got him on board as a KOL for AGD. He is now on DocMatter, educating his peers and advocating AGD in oculoplastic.
  • Gary Kreps: He focused on targeting universities and the Oculoplastic surgeons at both Universities of Louisville and Kentucky. He is currently working with two surgeons from the University of Louisville, who attended the University of Michigan seminar where AGD was prominently featured and is now using four to five AGD per month.
  • Gregory Kloth: He converted Dr. Raymond Cho from Ohio State University, who attended one of Dr. Kahana’s webinars and learned how to use AGD in oculoplastic. Dr. Cho recently presented his case utilizing AGD during the NASAOS meeting on behalf of Bio-Tissue.
  • Terrie Hubbard & Scott Moody: They worked with Jessica R. Chang, MD Oculoplastic at USC, to get a contract signed for AmnioGuard!
  • Lisa Champlain: She worked with Shauna to get a purchase request submitted for the approval process for AG and Prokera at the University of North Carolina Trauma Hospital and Burn Center by Dr. Banna. She converted three new oculoplastic surgeons, Drs. Rubinstein and Zaldivar of Luxe Oculoplastics, and Dr. Jason L. Liss, Professor and Chief of Oculoplastic, Duke University.

MDE in 3D: Take A Closer Look

National Mechanical Dry Eye (MDE) day is celebrating its second year as a National Day on May 19th, 2021. The campaign theme is MDE in 3D: Take a Closer Look, which seems appropriate for this frequently overlooked condition. We will be driving awareness of MDE by distributing 3D glasses to customers, prospects, and students at institutions with your help, along with a weekly e-blast campaign leading up to the day. The 3D glasses serve as an invite to our first ever 3D webinar via QR code.

Once the recipient of the invite scans the QR code, they are directed to a landing page where they will find a 3D invite and registration for the webinar on May 19th. We encourage you to identify ophthalmology practices, existing customers, and institutions to invite.

Not only does this campaign aim to bring awareness to MDE, but it is also a sneak peek into the OSBC virtual reality course on the Reservoir Restoration Procedure coming soon. We will be mailing sales reps 100-200 3D glasses to promote the event. If you would like more information on obtaining extra 3D glasses or on the webinar, please feel free to reach out to Nishant.

Cliradex: Four DTD Offers to Promote

Cliradex is currently running four new Direct to Doctor promotions. Please become familiar with these promos, connect with your accounts, and communicate how they could benefit from these discounts. Below, you will find a detailed list of Q2 promotions for Physicians.


Promotion 1: Cliradex Towelettes Samples

Goal: In April and May, we need BTI Accounts to push Cliradex Samples to their patients. We have 736 cases of Towelettes samples – 12 packs of three individual wipes. Practices need to order before May 31 and push samples to be used before August 30.Cost: FREE

Description: Practices need to create or log in to their account, and they will be able to order up to 2 cases of Cliradex Towelettes. Click here for the product page. There is also a 5-pack of Foam available.

Promotion 2: New Account Sign Up Promotion

Goal: Incentive to open a Wholesale Me account. Applies to any NEW account that has NEVER placed an order.

Description: For accounts that don’t have a Wholesale Me account, they get a free case of Foam when they place their first purchase for a case of Towelettes. Code is FREEFOAM and will apply automatically at checkout and cannot be combined with other promotions.

Promotion 3: In-Office Promotion

Goal: Practices can match web promotions to keep patient sales in-office.

Description: This promotion is 20% off for the purchase of 1 case of Towelettes and 1 case of Foam. This is for a 1-time purchase for the year, allowing any practice to match the web promotion. Code is PROMO20.

Promotion 4: June Is Cataract Month

Goal: As part of the pre-cataract campaign, we will offer Free Shipping to all accounts that purchase in June.

Description: There is a Free Shipping coupon that any account could use on any purchase. Coupon code FREESHIP will be sent to all accounts.

How’s Your Region Doing in Q2 of the Top Gun ASP Contest?

As we enter the 2nd quarter, we want to make sure you know where you stand in the Top Gun ASP contest.

  • The Mid-Atlantic region went down slightly but is still close to the Level Up performance with a net gain in the ASP of $99.14.
  • The Southwest & South regions are stepping up their game by increasing their average ASP by $9.16 and & $2.70, respectively, moving a step closer to the Standard Level, i.e., increasing the combined ASP of PK & AG by $50.
  • The Midwest and West regions are trending positively in their net ASP growth despite a higher baseline for Midwest than others and the tissue replacement challenge in the West region.
  • The Northeast region is working toward turning the needle in the opposite direction and getting back in the contest.

Continue to work toward your goals and reach out to Nishant if you have any questions or concerns about the ASP contest update. One Team. One Heartbeat.

Bio-Tissue: Do you need live or wet-lab sample/demo tissue?

Here are the simple steps that need to be followed to request live or wet-lab sample/demo tissues:


Live tissue to be inserted in a human eye must be requested via CPQ. It does not matter if that person is a patient, doctor, fellow, resident, or simply a technician. cannot process any live tissue requests. NO EXCEPTIONS. It has to go through the CPQ process.


Wet-lab sample/demo tissues can be requested by emailing

  • Requests for five or less wet-lab sample/demo tissues must be sent at least two weeks in advance from the date it’s needed.
  • Requests for more than five wet-lab sample/demo tissues requires an approval by Nishant Sinha with 30 days notice, as additional time is needed to secure the tissue, so please email as soon as you know you have a tissue need.

The following information must be included in the email in order for marketing to process your request:

  • Product SKU
  • Shipping address
  • Arrival date desired
  • Quantity

Please direct all questions or concerns for demo tissue to Osiris Gary, Sales and Marketing Specialist, at and cc Nishant Sinha, Bio-Tissue Marketing Manager, at

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