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iPresent Updates Available

There are several updates in the Bio-Tissue and Amniox Content Sets.


  •  TissueTech Regulatory Pathway Handout
  •  TissueTech At A Glance Handout
  •  TissueTech At A Glance PPT



  • Webinar: Management and Complexities of Wound Healing in Foot & Ankle Procedures with Drs. Gould, Putnam, and Garras
  • NEOX Wound Case Review Wagner Grade 3-4: Caputo Complex Osteomyelitic Foot Ulcer
  • 2021 CLARIX Reimbursement Guide
  • 2021 NEOX Physician Reimbursement Guide
  • 2021 Facility Reimbursement Guide
  • Amniox Ascension Pricing
  • Amniox HPG Pricing
  • Amniox HCA Pricing
  • The Amniox Advantage Value Proposition Card


  • Ocular Surface Optimization (OSO) folder under Procedural Focus in the AMS Content Set
  • OSO Brochure
  • OSO Patient Brochure
  • OSO Calculator
  • National Insurance Plan Coverage Guidelines for Common OSDs
  • ASCRS Algorithm for OSO
  • Understanding the ASCRS Algorithm (internal-use only)
  • OSO Targeting Tool (internal-use only)
  • OSO Qualifying Questions (internal-use only)
  • OSO Objection Handling (internal-use only)
  • 2021 Bio-Tissue Coding & Reimbursement Guide
  • Bio-Tissue HCA Price List
  • Webinar: PROKERA and AmnioGraft to Drive Optimal Patient Outcomes and Practice by Dr. Desai and Dr. Milner

3 Inspiring TED Talks For Sales

TED Talks are a simple way to learn from some of the most prominent thought leaders in their respective fields. Here are three thought-provoking Ted Talks for sales professionals that are sure to give you a different perspective and improve your performance.

We hope you find inspiration in these videos as you continue to level up in your personal and professional life.


Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows

Adam Bisnowaty, Amniox Northeast Sales Representative, was recently headed to Harrisburg, PA, the furthest part of his territory, again. He looked back at his notes from when he had last visited and noticed that the wound doctor he was supposed to meet with that day didn’t do many Wagner Grade 3 and 4 DFU procedures.

“My notes outlined that he was visiting nursing homes two times per week, and he was working out of his office the rest of the week,” Adam said. “Not doing many procedures in the OR, I asked myself if this is really where I should be spending my time, as the doctor didn’t align with what he had just learned about Amniox’s focus during training.”

So, Adam called and politely canceled the meeting rather than going to lunch with a doctor that didn’t have much need for where we could provide actual value to him and his patients.

Then, Adam pulled out his ICD-10 data and used it to find a doctor on the list who looked to focus on chronic and complex DFU wounds. He visited that doctor and confirmed that he often saw and treated DFU patients in the OR. Adam asked the doctor what therapies he had that were working for those types of patients.”

“After asking the question, I had a true “aha” moment: this doctor needed the value that only Amniox could bring,” Adam said. “Now, I am working with the hospital to gain access for this doctor to use NEOX during his upcoming procedures.

Adam said he had learned a lot about focus during the recent training, and that is what allowed him to use his time wisely during his more recent trip to Harrisburg, PA, and to find ways to help his territory grow.

Adam is thankful to Tiffany Matthews, Sr. Director of Sales Training, and Tyler Richardson, Director of Field Education & Engagement, for strengthening his skills to grow business and increase revenue. As sales training opportunities increase in the coming months, make sure to utilize these opportunities to learn and, more importantly, to use what you know to maximize growth in your territory.

When a Doctor is also the Patient

Dr. Steve Mora is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon at Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center in Orange, CA. He specializes in sports-related trauma, knee, shoulder, and arthroscopic treatment of the hip and the elbow. As a child, Dr. Mora was struck by a bus, which crushed both of his legs. He’s had multiple operations and now suffers from painful, traumatic, end-stage arthritis in his knee.

He’s tried various other treatment modalities – lipogems, BMAC, PRP, other amniotic injections – with little success.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Derek Dee, Orthopedic Surgeon at Dee Sports Orthopedic, injected Dr. Mora with CLARIX FLO. Dr. Mora documented his CLARIX FLO experience on Instagram along with his progress update at one-, two-, and three weeks post-injection. Since his injection, Dr. Mora is feeling great!

He’s fired up about CLARIX and will be coming out to TissueTech Headquarters in June for a VIP Tour to see how our products can best help his patients.

Thank you to Sarah Brooks, Amniox Sales Representative in Southern California, for sharing this story and making sure Dr. Mora got the treatment he needed and is now able to share the power of Amniox products with his patients.

Lower Extremity Interactive Educational Program (IEP)

The Lower Extremity Interactive Educational Program (IEP) was held on March 5-7 in Austin, Texas. Targeted explicitly toward the development of DPM fellows and young surgeons, the program featured cadaver labs, case presentations from distinguished faculty, panel discussions and breakout sessions, and the opportunity for attendees to interact with F&A device companies.

Amniox was well represented, with Rachel Torres, Sr. Sales Rep in Dallas, and Josh Holden, Sr. Sales Rep in Austin, sharing Amniox’s industry-leading technology and unique story to these talented surgeons. Educating surgeons on how Amniox has led the regenerative medicine space will undoubtedly impact how they think about patient care – and how Amniox can help their patients heal faster, increase ROM, and prevent complications associated with a myriad of F&A procedures.

If you would like a list of surgeons in attendance to see if any are in your territory, reach out to Rachel at or Josh at!

Connecting Patients and Providers

The Amniox Patient Waiting Room is an online repository of patient resources, patients can now easily find brochures, product information, watch videos about our technology and testimonials from our patients, and even find a physician who uses Amniox product near them.

Click here to visit the Patient Waiting Room!


OSO Resources

As you are all well aware, one of our key strategic initiatives for 2021 is supporting the utilization of the ASCRS Algorithm to help close the educational gap relating to DED and its negative impact on visual outcomes post keratorefractive and phacorefractive surgery.

To support this initiative, the Marketing & Training team has created a comprehensive set of collateral support materials that includes everything you will need to be successful when discussing and educating physicians about the importance of Ocular Surface Optimization, including the use of PROKERA®.

The complete set of the OSO collateral support materials includes:

  • OSO Brochure
  • OSO Patient Brochure
  • OSO Targeting Tool
  • OSO Qualifying Questions
  • OSO Objection Handling
  • OSO Calculator
  • Redefining the Standard of Care: A Consensus Guideline
  • The ASCRS Algorithm
  • National Insurance Plan Coverage Guidelines for Common OSDs

To access these tools, follow these steps:

1. Log in to iPresent.
2. Click on Bio-Tissue AMS Programs and Tools.
3. Click on the Ocular Surface Optimization folder.
4. Click on the desired collateral material piece.

Please note that only the materials approved for external use are sharable through the iPresent app.

Stay tuned for additional information from the Marketing and Training teams on using these new resources.

Kevin Jones: A Message to Bio-Tissue West

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the effort, focus, and ownership you have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate as we close in on Q1 2021.  In a very compressed timeframe, we’ve been through a great deal together, and although it has been stressful and uncomfortable at times, I know it’s made us stronger as individuals and stronger as a team.   

I’ve had an opportunity to be part of a number of successful teams, and I can say without hesitation that our BioTissue West Team is the most complete, competitive, and collaborative team I’ve ever been associated with.  We have a great mix of veterans who provide stability and experience while our newer members bring a fresh enthusiasm and excitement to the team.  Each of you wants to be #1, but not at the expense of your fellow teammate.  While taking responsibility for your own territory, each of you have offered and received help from your teammatestruly the definition of teamwork!  We’ve really come together as a group and it shows in our turn-around from 2019 to 2020 and in our early 2021 performance.   

We have a tremendous opportunity to provide our customers with solutions to unmet clinical needs.  How many of your colleagues outside of BioTissue have an opportunity to be part of a sightsaving proceduredemonstrate a new surgical technique, or discuss treatments that improve patient satisfaction and drive revenue?  My guess would be very few, if any.  We have a duty to deliver results to the company and a unique opportunity to deliver the very best in regenerative medicine.  There is no team I’d rather be part of than Team West in our quest to be the very best!  Pedal to the metal, Ladies & Gentlemen! 

With Gratitude & Respect, 


Bio-Tissue: Do you need live or wet-lab sample/demo tissue?

Here are the simple steps that need to be followed to request live or wet-lab sample/demo tissues:


Live tissue to be inserted in a human eye must be requested via CPQ. It does not matter if that person is a patient, doctor, fellow, resident, or simply a technician. cannot process any live tissue requests. NO EXCEPTIONS. It has to go through the CPQ process.


Wet-lab sample/demo tissues can be requested by emailing

  • Requests for five or less wet-lab sample/demo tissues must be sent at least two weeks in advance from the date it’s needed.
  • Requests for more than five wet-lab sample/demo tissues requires an approval by Nishant Sinha with 30 days notice, as additional time is needed to secure the tissue, so please email as soon as you know you have a tissue need.

The following information must be included in the email in order for marketing to process your request:

  • Product SKU
  • Shipping address
  • Arrival date desired
  • Quantity

Please direct all questions or concerns for demo tissue to Osiris Gary, Sales and Marketing Specialist, at and cc Nishant Sinha, Bio-Tissue Marketing Manager, at

What Region is Leading 2021 Top Gun ASP Contest?

As we approach the end of the 1st quarter, here is a sneak peek of the regional performance in the Top Gun ASP Contest, launched during the NSM.

The Mid-Atlantic region has already achieved the LEVEL-UP performance category by increasing the combined ASP of PK & AG by $114.12 above their baseline. The rapid increase in the ASP is likely due to many PKP & AG purchases of large SKUs in the Mid Atlantic region.

The Midwest and Southwest regions are moving fast toward the Standard Level, i.e., increasing the combined ASP of PK & AG by $50, followed by the West region.

The Northeast and South regions are trending low in the ASP compared to their baseline. However, looking at their monthly performance, they are sure to catch up at any minute. Keep up the good work, and reach out to Nishant if you have any questions or concerns about the ASP contest update.

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