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from Tom, Brandon and 2021 President's Club Winners

Dion Maclin Fills the Void in Q3

Dion Maclin, Business Development Manager, single-handedly brought in sales over $195K in September and just over $502K in sales for Q3. There were many open territories on the Bio-Tissue side. Dion helped the team maintain momentum with these outstanding results. As is the norm, Dion steps up to help the RSDs achieve their goals when we have territory rep vacancies.

Bravo, Dion, for your hard work and always stepping in to provide stellar service to our customers and sales team.


Marketing Does it Again

TissueTech held its annual Halloween party at its headquarters in October. Several departments dressed up in friendly competition. The marketing department won the category of best department costumes as booze brands against HR who dressed up as holidays and R&D, who dressed up as the periodic table of elements. The Marketing Department continues to hold its championship since their first win in 2019 as cereal brands. Congrats, Marketing, on your second win!


SAWC Fall Recap

The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall Conference took place on October 29-31, 2021, in Las Vegas, NV. The SAWC Conference is the largest gathering of multidisciplinary wound care clinicians in the United States. The fall event is the second-largest wound care conference in the U.S., with a solid attendance of 1,300 attendees. Continuing education credits were offered for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, physical therapists, and dietitians.

NEOX® CORD 1K is suitable for complex wounds with muscle, tendon, and bone exposure where many conventional advanced skin substitutes and skin grafts are contraindicated. Our messaging focused at SAWC reinforced our strength in the DFU space and the Amniox Advantage healthcare economic value proposition since NEOX CORD 1K helps expedite healing in patients with Wagner 3-4 ulcers with an average of 1.5 applications.

To tie in the performance potential of NEOX on DFUs with National Diabetes Awareness Month, the creative forces behind our marketing team came up with a campaign idea to draw attention to the Amniox booth. The team created a charity wheel at the booth for conference attendees to spin and raise funds for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) during exhibitor hours. The spin wheel had custom slots of $25, $50, and $100 donation prizes made to the ADA on behalf of the attendees by Amniox. This idea drew attention to the role our products play in healing non-healing and chronic wounds due to diabetes, the economic costs of diabetes, and our commitment and mission to solve unmet clinical needs in the wound care market.

This year’s SAWC was a fantastic show and a great return to in-person events! Thank you to Randy Mansfield, Vicky Oxley, Jessica Vazquez, Matt Donald, and William Hall for representing Amniox at the show.

Susan’s Summit Success Continues

In August, Susan Breitbart, Sr. Sales Representative for Amniox East Coast, invited John Borzok, DPM, a surgically trained podiatrist from Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, Florida, to attend the Leadership Summit. Dr. Borzok was familiar with our product but was not yet a fully committed customer. However, once he returned from the Summit, he put into practice much of what he learned from his peers at the event. In fact, Susan immediately began to reap the benefits from Dr. Borzok! His sales have incrementally increased from $34K in August to $56K in September and $61K as of October. The story gets even better! Not only did he express positive feedback about his experience with our company and products with Susan, but he sang praises to a new general surgeon at Halifax.

Scott Covington, MD, recently took over wound care for general surgery at Halifax. Susan has tried to get in front of him for the past month. After Dr. Borzok’s case the first day back from the Summit, he said, “Let’s go into Dr. Covington’s case so that I can introduce you to him.”

Dr. Borzok introduced Dr. Covington to Susan in the OR, introduced him to Amniox, and informed him about the Leadership Summit he attended. He went on to tell him he only uses our product and Integra because he consistently sees impressive results with it! Since meeting Susan, Dr. Covington has used NEOX Cord 1K on 12 patients. He went as far as to say, “I have been doing this for 30 years, and I have never seen a product that will close a wound in one application. I’m blown away!”

Dr. Scott Covington is a general surgeon with over 30 years of clinical wound care experience and speaks throughout the US and internationally on wound care and hyperbaric medicine. He has also served as an advisor to both industry and governmental boards on wound-related issues and opportunities. He has trained thousands of physicians and nurses on the fundamentals of wound care and hyperbaric medicine as Director of Wound Care Education, as CMO & Executive Vice President for Healogics for almost ten years. Susan is beyond thrilled to have two successful surgeons using NEOX and transforming lives.

Congratulations, Susan, on your success with Dr. Covington.

Tip of the Month from Ceci Cuellar

As Sales Reps, we all know that our sales quotas increase every year because our jobs are based on territory and revenue growth. We have to constantly keep planning and be creative on how we’ll get more surgeons to use our products.

Through time, I have learned that the fastest way to increase our business is to expand in an existing accounts where we already have approval. Those very same surgeons who already use our product and believe in our science are the best advocates for us.

Based on that experience, I’m planning a Local Speaker Program dinner for the attending faculty that teaches the podiatry residency program from one of my largest accounts. The attendees will be existing users, non-users, and the residents who work with these surgeons in the OR.

These educational events are always worthwhile. Surgeons always return to the OR and use our products for the first time or find new applications for them. In conclusion, my tip is to identify existing accounts with approval and use the Local Speaker Program to make those conversions. I hope this information is helpful, and if you have any questions reach out to me at




OSBC Provides Cross-Collaboration Between Doctors

Paul Periera, Sales Representative in central PA, discovered one of his high volume ocular surface optimization (OSO) PROKERA® users, Ryan Yealy, OD, saw many conjunctivochalasis (CCH) patients, and needed a surgical outlet. Enter Dr. Zach Landis, a hungry new MD and open to learning the Reservoir Restoration procedure. Dr. Landis agreed to take the Ocular Surface Biologics Course in January.

Paul arranged a dinner with Drs. Yealy and Landis to meet. Dr. Yealy has already started referring CCH patients to Dr. Landis, who now has 2 cases before taking the course, which is an excellent example of setting expectations. It is always best for a doctor to have surgeries lined up before going to the OSBC, which shows their commitment level. Follow-up will be even more critical.

This collaboration between ophthalmologist and optometrist benefits both doctors and patients. Dr. Landis can now recommend his patients have their ocular surface optimized before cataract surgery, while Dr. Yealy refers his patients to Dr. Landis for the Reservoir Restoration procedure. In the end, the real winners are the patients!

This is a win-win-win all around. Great job, Paul. Keep your foot on the gas pedal because you are going far!

The Best from the West

Jack Crew had a great meeting with Lyly Ung, OD, who is also a PECAA administrator. She had four other PECAA doctors join Jack’s meeting, as well as one of her recalcitrant dry eye patients. The meeting was essentially a wet-lab discussion before the patient arrived, followed by the doctors witnessing an actual patient insertion and scripting on what to expect and how best to talk with the patient about PROKERA. Utilizing this format seemed to connect the dots for everyone, and Jack will be looking for other opportunities to use this format.

After a challenging Q3, Michelle Bardsley’s most significant win for October was greater consistency all around and finishing the month at 128.6%. Lessons learned from Q3 are to “keep calm and carry on,” stay focused, and control what you can control while prospecting for new customers. This strategy seems to be working since Michelle hit her quota for the month on November 12!

Melanie Keller-Lamar continues to add new customers, and in October, three new private practice doctors resulted in orders for 17 PROKERA! Melanie also organized a Pro Ed dinner meeting where two of her three new customers attended. In addition, she hosted an event on November 7 for a women’s OD group and had lots of interest from the attendees. Here is an excellent example of effective use of resources with the right customers resulting in the right results!

Eddie Shaldone has been working with Roger Kennedy and Tim Gilbert to establish Ridge Eye Care/North Valley Eye Care as the first Center of Excellence for OSO. Eddie organized an impactful visit with Roger, met with the Ridge Eye head Ophthalmologist, and attended a dinner with several Optometrists to establish a protocol for OD and MD visits to the practice. Once in place, the COE will be a tremendous asset for the entire Bio-Tissue sales team! Great to see the collaboration between Sales, Marketing, and Pro Ed to make this happen!

Jason Vevoda, with help from Rachel Starr-McClain, has four surgeons confirmed for the upcoming Leadership Summit meeting in Dallas! These types of events efficiently deliver double-digit ROI. In collaboration with Kit Haefner, Jason has been working to establish a relationship with Keplr Vision, a rapidly expanding OD private equity group. Jason received an order of 20 PROKERA Slim in October from a Keplr practice, and we are moving towards a contract with the group comprised of 281 practices across 35 states.

Linda Clark continues to add new accounts in 2021 and, in October, added another winner! With help from Jason Vevoda, Thea Lesiak, Tom Williamson, and Amy Tseng, Linda was able to get both PK and AG on the Virginia Mason Medical Center formulary. With 8 MDs, 7 ODs, and 11 clinic locations, this has the makings of another huge growth account for Linda. This was a great example of our One Team, One Heartbeat focus that continues to drive our business!

Exciting results from the collaborative efforts of Matt Harnish and Southwest Ophthalmics! The Medical and Surgical Director of OC Surgical Center, Dr. Michael Sheety, will be attending our Physician Leadership Summit in Dallas. Additionally, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and the Naval Medical Center-San Diego have been identified as lucrative targets to present our SJS/TEN Burn Kit Program. One Team, One Heartbeat!

In his first week on the job, a new Los Angeles-based sales representative, Fernando Domingo, has a surgeon attending the upcoming Physician Leadership Summit in Dallas. Fernando is off to a fast start, and we are thrilled to have him on Team West—imagine what’s going to happen once he gets his business cards!

Congratulations to the West Coast Team for using all the available resources and collaborating with colleagues, Marketing, and Pro Ed to make things happen! Let’s close 2021 strong.

AAOpt VIP Dinner Recap

Thursday, November 4th, Bio-Tissue held a VIP dinner program at Ocean Prime in Boston, MA, during the American Academy of Optometry (AAOpt) annual meeting on Implementing PROKERA: All You Need to Know. Doug Devries, OD, and John Rumpakis, OD, did an outstanding job covering all aspects of PROKERA, from clinical to reimbursement. The event was successful, with maximum attendance.

Please check your AMS for your assigned leads. Also, make sure to follow up with the customers who signed up but could not attend as these are considered warm leads.

Thank you to all the reps who got their customers to attend and the Digital Marketing team, who, through social media and e-blasts, were able to secure dozens of registrations.

ASOPRS Dinner with Dr. Kahana

Bio-Tissue held a special dinner program event during the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) meeting, before the American Academy of Ophthalmology conference. The dinner, which took place at Brennan’s in New Orleans, LA, was a tremendous success with a packed room with 34 oculoplastic ophthalmologists!

Alon Kahana, MD, Ph.D., a nationally renowned leader in the oculoplastics space and an advocate for AmnioGuard®, did a stellar job presenting all aspects of the super-thick cryopreserved umbilical cord tissue graft for ocular surface reconstruction. He covered a multitude of oculoplastics indications, as well as proper coding and billing.

Several attendees remarked they wanted to order units of AmnioGuard immediately upon their return from AAO. The leads will be assigned in AMS, including notifications regarding the doctor(s) who attended for quick follow-up.

A well-deserved recognition to Nishant Sinha for leading this initiative from start to finish and working with Dr. Kahana and the Pro Ed team to successfully execute this program!

Top Gun ASP Contest Update

If you have any questions, please feel reach to reach out to Nishant.

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