We are proud to announce that TissueTech, Amniox, and Bio-Tissue will now be known under a single commercial, customer-facing entity – BioTissue.

As one unified brand with one platform technology behind it,
our vision has become even clearer:
Realize the full potential of regenerative therapy.

We are BioTissue. The most human form of healing.

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Our Mission

Patient-Focused Pioneer of Birth-Tissue Regenerative Medicine

We solve unmet clinical needs as the PATIENT-FOCUSED PIONEER of birth-tissue regenerative medicine, foster TRUST as the EVIDENCE-BASED MARKET LEADER in ocular, surgical wound, and pain management markets; and provide DIFFERENTIATED, customer-recognizable, and sustainable HEALTH ECONOMIC VALUE.
TissueTech History

The Pioneer in Regenerative Medicine

TissueTech is a pioneer in harnessing the regenerative properties of human umbilical cord and amniotic membrane and making them available for use by patients.
TissueTech Today

Leading the industry in technological innovation

We seek to deliver the promise of regenerative medicine. We develop and market innovative, cutting-edge technology that is used for treatment of patients.
TissueTech Tomorrow

Shaping the future of regenerative medicine

Our groundbreaking research supports the clinical success of our technology, as we continually develop new innovative products.

Our Proven Technology is the Difference

Our CryoTek technology is the only proven method for effectively retaining the structure and biology of the natural tissue, which has been shown to orchestrate regenerative healing. With years of research coupled with data demonstrating clinical safety and success, the CryoTek technology remains unmatched.

Partnering with the NIH

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has supported TissueTech’s studies with more than 30 continuous years of research grants.

Evidence-based support

TissueTech has more than 380 peer-reviewed, published studies supporting its technology platform.

Improving patient outcomes

Since the company’s inception, clinicians have performed more than 300,000 human transplants of the company’s products.

We are proud to announce that we are a Donate Life℠ Partner! We kicked off our partnership by celebrating Donate Life National Blue and Green Day last Friday, April 16th, in honor of those who have helped heal lives through the gift of tissue donation. We will be working with Donate Life America to raise public awareness about the importance of tissue donation to increase tissue donor registration.

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Innovative Therapies and Products

Latest events 2022

American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO-OPH)

Chicago, IL

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Latest events 2022

Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Fall Meeting (SAWC Fall)

Las Vegas, NV

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Amniox Medical, Inc. provides products for the use in the treatment of patients across a range of surgical and non-surgical specialties – including orthopedics, sports medicine, spine, chronic and complex wounds, plastic surgery, urology, gynecology and general surgery.

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Bio-Tissue, Inc. is the leader in human birth tissue products for use in the treatment of patients with ocular surface disease and disorders.  Bio-Tissue is the only provider of cryopreserved amniotic membrane-based technologies that are recognized by the FDA for reducing inflammation and minimizing corneal scarring and inhibiting angiogenesis.

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Our Patients

Restoring Quality of Life

Pat Levey, PROKERA® Patient and Artist

Pat Levey suffered from dry eye and other inflammatory issues for many years. In 2015, following treatment with steroids, she endured corneal infections and then a more serious corneal ulcer. Pat endured a number of treatments for the corneal ulcer that didn’t work, with increasing pain and as her vision deteriorated. All of this greatly affected her quality of life, her career as an artist, and she was growing increasingly worried that she would lose her vision. Pat’s physician recommended treatment with PROKERA, the only therapeutic device recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce inflammation and prevent and remove scarring of the ocular surface. Following treatment with PROKERA, Pat’s pain has been relieved and her vision has been restored. The result has been life changing and allowed her to return to her artwork and daily activities.

“PROKERA changed my life –  it gave me back my life as an artist.”

Paul Tull, CLARIX FLO Patient, CRNA and Musician

Paul Tull was in a motorcycle accident that caused severe hip and knee trauma. While minor surgery and rehabilitation offered initial relief, years later he found himself plagued with chronic pain and arthritis. His mobility was compromised and his work as a CRNA at the local VA hospital became challenging. Paul’s quality of life suffered. He tried physical therapy and steroid injections that didn’t work; he was in constant pain and relied heavily on pain medications. His doctor recommended a total hip replacement, however, being young, this wasn’t an option he wanted to consider. One day Paul saw a local orthopedic surgeon, Mark Miedema, M.D., on television talking about his success with CLARIX FLO, an allograft comprised of both umbilical cord and cryopreserved amniotic membrane tissues. Paul decided to have the minimally invasive injection in his hip and knee and couldn’t be happier with the results. Paul is no longer dependent on pain medications, his quality of life has improved, he is more active, and back enjoying his passion for music.

“[My] quality of life suffered. Over the counter medications were a daily occurrence…and eventually prescription medications.  I didn’t want that.”

Life-Changing Stats:

Years of NIH Sponsorship
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