Fellowship Programs

TissueTech will support fellowship programs in the areas of ophthalmology, optometry, pain management, sports medicine, wound care, orthopedics, and foot and ankle surgery. Fellowship grants generally support the direct expenses related to the fellow’s travel, travel and registration fees for attending medical conferences, fellow hospital dues, and financial support for research conducted by the fellow. TissueTech only supports organizations, not individuals, and organizations must submit the request. TissueTech has no role in the identification or selection of the fellows.

Please send all funding requests or questions about TissueTech’s funding process to grants@tissuetechinc.com. Please make sure that the materials you provide TissueTech address the items listed below. TissueTech will have no influence over any aspect of the programs. TissueTech awards grants annually, so you will need to submit a new request each year if applicable.

1. Requestor Information: Please provide background information and mission statement on your company or organization and your organization’s experience providing accredited fellowship training. If the institution is not a registered 501(c) entity, please state whether a doctor or other healthcare professional has a leadership role in the institution’s management or has a direct or indirect ownership interest of over 5% in the institution.

2. Program Description: Please describe the program and its goals for which you are seeking funding? Broadly what are gaps in knowledge that will be addressed by the program? What therapeutic area will the fellowship be provided? What patient population will the program serve? What criteria is used to select a fellow? What is the start and end date of the program? (Please do not disclose the names of the fellows or names of products that may be discussed in the training).

3. Program Budget: Please provide a detailed budget of the total cost of the program. Separately include any anticipated funding sources from other fellowship sponsors and internal organizational funds.

4. Funding Request: How much funding are you seeking from TissueTech? Describe how the funds will be used, including specific details. If TissueTech is only funding a portion of the program costs how will the program be changed if additional funding sources do not occur as budgeted or anticipated? What date is delivery of the grant requested?

5. Organization W9

TissueTech is committed to ensuring the independence and integrity of the programs that we fund. Funding from TissueTech is subject to Sunshine Act reporting. Please send questions about TissueTech’s funding process in writing to: grants@tissuetechinc.com.