2019 National Sales Meeting


Hello Sales Team and TissueTech Corporate Team,

Here is special footage from the 2019 National Sales Meeting in Atlanta that took place between January 21st-24th. Big thanks to everyone for their hard work last year. With new, clear strategies and ever-growing support, we look forward to another exciting year together!

Special shout out to the teams that assembled this meeting, including but not limited to the Marketing Team, Sales Ops, IT, HR and the Sales Team!

It Starts with US

The theme “it starts with US”, is symbolic to what we believe is one of our core strengths of the organization, “Our People”. We take accountability, pride, and ownership of our business recognizing that if we each perform at a high level, nothing can stop us!


We highly recommend for you to watch the entire NSM video as it contains some entertaining and memorable footage from multiple presentations, team building karaoke performances, and the awards ceremony. Marketing has more footage than shown (especially from the karaoke team building) which will be stored in private until needed.

All photography/videography/video editing with the exception of photographs from the awards ceremony were done by Harmonie Tsai, the marketing designer.

NOTE: Below are some photos from this meeting, due to file size limitations, the ones on this website are at a lower resolution. To download photos with higher resolution, please go HERE. If you do not find your photo from the awards ceremony, please look HERE.